CES-J200 | 200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification
CES-J200200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification
200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification
  • Item Number:CES-J200
  • Product Name:200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification
  • Light Source::LED
  • Item Type::High Bay Lights
  • LED Light Source::USA Bridgelux
  • Input Voltage(V)::100-277V
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): :24050
  • Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w)::130
  • CRI (Ra>)::73
  • Color Temperature(CCT): :Warm White
  • Operating Temperature::- 40°C - 50°C
  • Lamp Power(W)::185

1. It adopts ADC12 die-cast aluminum , American Bridgelux 3030 LED chip , Mingwei HLG power supply, 2.5 thermal conductivity aluminum plate, 4.0 precision tempered glass, high luminous effect white reflector. 115LM/W, the whole lamp is guaranteed for 5 years.

2. Our explosion-proof lamps have passed China's explosion-proof certification, UL, CUL, DLC, SAA, IECEX, ATEX (European explosion-proof), UL844 US explosion-proof (the only one has this certification) LCP (Australian certification) CCC and military explosion-proof certification.

3. Applicable to flammable and explosive places  such as  chemical plants, refineries, power plants, paint plants, hardware factories, refueling stations, oil &gas station, military terminals, ports, airports, parking lots, aviation warships, oil depots, warehouses, etc.(Note: except under the coal mine where it can not be used , other flammable and explosive places such as liquid explosion, gas explosion, dust explosions can be used for)

-Die-cast aluminum by 1800 Ton of pressure to make the body strong enough.

-Powder Coated (similar to vehicles coating) and holder are cover with a thin layer of Zink, color can be ---customizable.

-IP 68, highest rating of protection.

-Anti- flame, high quality water proof silicon, 4MM super-strength tempered glass.

-5 year warranty.

-Best driver: Meanwell HLG driver.

Main Technology

LED Chips:

BridgeLux LED chips packaged professionally ensure the light source kept in optimum performance; mirror surface processed technology collect and reflect the invalid light into efficiency; use of lens controls the horizontal and vertical beam angle actively.

Power Supply:

To use world’s leading brand MeanWell power supply ensure the fixture works in stableness with better performance and enjoy its long life; power supply is CE RoHS TUV CB certificated.

Heat Dissipation:

LEDs combined with aluminum radiator directly and closely make the LEDs have better performance of heat dissipation; sufficient area of aluminum radiator and full range air permeability of the fixture reduce the optical attenuation and control LEDs failure.


200W Explosion Proof LED Lighting With UL844 DLC Certification

Introduction of 200w Explosion Proof LED Lighting:

This 200-watt explosion proof led lighting replaces 400-watt metal-halide (MH) lights with comparable output and lasts 5 times longer.  Explosion Proof LED Lighting was designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of Hazardous Area applications.

In order to strengthen the explosion proof LED lighting cooling, in the past, the FR4 printed circuit board was not enough to deal with, so a printed circuit board with Metal Core, called MCPCB, was used to accelerate the heat dissipation by using better heat conductivity metals such as aluminum or copper, but also due to the characteristics of the insulating layer, the heat conduction was limited.

Dimensions of 200w Explosion Proof LED Lighting:

LENGTH :400mm 

WIDTH :400mm 

HEIGHT: 185mm 


Features of 200w Explosion Proof LED Lighting:

 High quality LM80 Certify Chip 

 Efficacy : up to 150lm @ 350Ma (per watt) 

 Rated Life of 100,000+ hrs 

 Operation temp: -30 ºC to +50 ºC 

 No toxic chemicals/Rohs compliant 

 70%-80% saving compare to HPS/MH

 5 years warranty 

 Highest Ingress Protection rating : IP68

Application Of 200w Explosion Proof LED Lighting:

  1. Applicable to hazardous sites in areas 1 and 2 of the explosive gas environment;

  2. Applicable to IIA, IIB, IIC-level explosive gas environment;

  3. Suitable for flammable dust environment 20, 21, 22 area,

  4. Suitable for the temperature group for the T1-T6 environment.

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