| LED Light Up Trainers Men Black
LED Light Up Trainers Men Black
LED Light Up Trainers Men Black
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  • Product Name:LED Light Up Trainers Men Black

Our top selling low top light up trainers LED sneakers for men and women are available right now. Super comfortable insoles and flexibility make these great light up shoes for adults They won’t damage in the rain as they are 100% waterproof plus light up in over 7 different colors. Using a button located inside the sneakers you can set the option to flash a solid color or multi-colors with just a click. USB cable is included for fast and convenient battery charging that last about 6-7 hours on full charge. Our Light Up Shoes for adults have become very popular with celebrities, kids, and adults wearing them to concerts and dancing competitions. Why buy led light up shoes?:

  • USB rechargeable, one charge last up to 7 hours
  • Shoes that light up in the bottom with bright LED lights
  • Shoes light up in over 7 colors with solid and multi-color slection mode: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Aqua, White & Color Changing (with each click of the button it rotates through each color)
  • Light ups are made to be waterproof
1. Mesh

2.Size Tips:We suggest you check our detailed size measurements in the 'Product Description' part

3.SWITCH INSTRUCTION: Hidden switch button, 1" beside the usb outlet, along the inside hem. Push around and you'll find the "click." Press it to switch on.It starts with steady red light.With each press,it changes to another light mode.Press the switch for 9 times to turn the light off.

4.CHARGE INSTRUCTION: Easy charge like your cell phone with the attached USB charging cable.Switch on the shoes when received and light up until all power gone.Then charge both shoes for 3 hours.

5.LIGHT MODES:1.light on from red(steady)-2.green(st')-3.blue(st')-4.yellow(st')-5.skyblue(st')-6.purple(st')-7.white(st')-8.auto-change mode-9.light off
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