Light up shoes have always been popular among adults and kids. Back then shoes with lights on the bottom of the sole were known skechers and LA gear. Now 2016 LED sneakers light up with many lights and modes to change quickly by pressing a button inside the shoe. The shoe lights up in 7 different colors including red, green, blue, purple, yellow, orange, and white through an led light. They are simulation LED shoes in that you can turn them on and off and change between many color modes. Whether you are going to a concert or a night these glow up shoes will get all the attention. Check out our different styles of LED shoes for adults. Don’t forget to pick up our other light up shoes accessories such as our led shoe laces to complete the look.

LED Shoes are easily rechargeable via USB through a laptop or desktop computer. The light up shoes for adults were first seen in a viral youtube video on Facebook that showed a dancer shuffling to break music. If you are heading to a party our light up trainers are comfortable and the led lights last for a long time on one charge so you can dance for hours with no worries that the battery will run out. Our light up soles and bottoms come in white, black, gray, red, and gold. We offer cheap prices and free shipping on all orders across the world. If you are looking for light up simulation click here.

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