EW_FL50WB-PIR | 50W PIR LED Floodlight
EW_FL50WB-PIR50W PIR LED Floodlight
50W PIR LED Floodlight
  • Item Number:EW_FL50WB-PIR
  • Product Name:50W PIR LED Floodlight
  • Input Voltage:AC100~240V
  • Emitting Color:2700-7000k
  • Diffuser:Tempered Glass
  • Base Material:Aluminum
  • Electric Current Type:
  • Standard:CE /ROHS
  • Power:50W
  • Working Voltage:DC30~36V
  • IP rating: IP65

50W PIR   LED floodlight


(1)Using high power integrating LED as light source, the lamp’s luminous efficiency can reach 70~80LM/W, and CRI>70Ra, with good heat dissipation and low light attenuation.
(2)Adopting die casting aluminum alloy electricity box, which have good strength, good heat dissipation property, and with baking varnish treatment, the lamp is anti-corrosion, can be used in outdoor lighting.
(3)Accommodate to wide input voltage from 100V~240VAC, constant voltage & current output, it can start up at once with no flickering, lightning protection and PFC function available.
(4)It comes with PIR switch, the induction time and sensor type can be set freely, meet up with certain lighting needs.

【2】 Shape Structure

【2】 Shape Structure

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

Shell Color: hoar/ Black

Weight:  3.8Kg


Item No.


Input Voltage AC100~240V Color Rendering


Freqency Range


Beam Angle


Power Factor


LED Reduction Rate

1~3% / 1,000Hrs

Power Efficiency


Color Temperature


LED Working Voltage


Working Temperature


LED Power


IP Grade



Total Power


Working Life-span


Induction Distance


Induction Angle


Light time setting


Environmental Setting

Environment brightness set

Industion Height

1 ~ 4M

male and female waterproof joints


LED Luminous Efficiency

70~80lm / W

Power line

VDE  3×1mm2

Wire Connect

Brown→L   Blue→N   Yellow/olivine→G

【4】Diagram of degradation for Luminous

1、The data above has been got at a temperature of 25 celsius degree and taking 1000 hours running by a nonstop way.

2、Degradation of luminous flux of LED lamps depends on environmental conditions. The higher the temperature, the longer the using time, the faster luminous flux drops.

【5】Photomatric Data

【6】Illumination Distance/illuminance/Irradiated Area

【7】Packing specification

1、Packing Dimension:(L)654×(W) 384×(H) 304mm   4PC/CTN   17Kg

2、Packing Dimension:  (L) 130×(W)100×(H)170mm  20PC/CTN   9.5Kg

【8】Using and installing instructions

Mounting Methods

Installation Procedures

As pictures bellow, the lamp is for outdoor using (PIR separated style), ideal for different lighting applications.

1、As Picture No.1 showed, loose the fixable screw, and take off the fitting.

2、As Picture No.2 showed, fix the fitting to mounting surface with 3 screws (Including A.B.and C).

3、As picture No.3 showed, lock the screws on AB hole to fix the lamp on to working face.

4、As picture No. 4 , install the induction probe and screw to fix the PIR.

5、As picture No.5 showed, both outdoor & indoor using, equiped with male and female waterproof joints for easy installation.

6、As Picture No.6 showed, connect Live / Null /Ground wire to electric cable properly and switch on.

Automatic induction setting

1、Lighting time setting (approximately 5 seconds to 5 minutes ).When setting the lighting time, rotate the switch buttom from [5 seconds ] clockwise can prolong the lighting time.

2、Lighting environmental (LUX) induction (Induction lighting day and night – only induction lighting at night ).Rotation from [ day ] clockwise can set induction lighting as night and day, dusk or only night lighting.


1、Only a lisence electrician can undertake the installation, and please do check the lamp very carefully before installation.

2、Please follow up the installation procedures, make sure the screws been wrested very tightly, the wires been connected properly, as attached installation instruction.

3、After installation, the inductive probe knob must not put upward, and there is leaking hole upon every sensor, which can avoid the influent waterlogging.

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