Lighting application in business office

update:2013/6/20 20:05:42, viewchr58

Offices are space in which we perform our daily work like business operation, research and development, conference. Lighting condition for office not only should consider about desk lighting but also should consider about general lighting to keep high efficient and protection employees eyesight. LED Ceiling Lights and other LED lighting fixtures can have good performance in these spaces.
Reception is the window of each enterprise. It both shows the power of a company and the culture of a company. Lighting design for reception needs to integrate the positioning of a company. Use track lights and spot lights to highlight feature wall and Logo. 
When the nature lighting is good enough to support office lighting, we still can find many office lights lighted up. When we off the office we also can find many office lights are still on. Intellectual LED lighting can solve these problems. Intellectual light fixtures can adjust brightness to ambient brightness. 

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