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    LED. Instructions

    1W LED = 3W CFL ( CFL ) = 15W incandescent lamp

    3W LED = 8W CFL ( CFL ) = 25W incandescent lamp

    4W LED = 11W CFL ( CFL ) = 40W incandescent lamp

    8W LED = 15W CFL ( CFL ) = 75W incandescent lamp

    12W LED = 20W CFL ( CFL ) = 100W incandescent lamp

    A variety of light temperature table ( K value)

    Temperature is a measure of the light color value, said light source spectral quality the most general index.

    K < 3300 for the warm light ( yellow and orange ), K > 3300 for cold light ( partial green ), K > 6000 is almost white! The following isa variety of light temperature value, to facilitate the production of the effect of different light sources!

    In K's light color table

    K light source

    Candle 1500

    Household incandescent lamp 2500-3000

    60 watts of gas-filled tungsten filament lamp 2800

    500 Watt projection lamp 2865

    100 watt incandescent lamp 2950

    1000 watt incandescent lamp 3000

    500 watt incandescent lamp 3175

    Amber flashing signal lamp 3200

    R32 reflector floodlight 3200

    Zirconium concentrated arc lamp 3200

    Reflector floodlight 3400

    Warm white fluorescent lamp 3500

    Clear flash signal 3800

    Cool white fluorescent lamp 4500

    The flood lights 4800

    Bai Yan carbon arc lamp 5000

    M2B flashing signal lamp 5100

    The noon sunlight 5400

    High intensity of solar lamp 5550

    The direct sunlight in summer 5800

    10: 00 to 15: 00 direct sunshine 6000

    Blue flashing lights 6000

    Daylight fluorescent lamp 6500

    The midday sky sun light 6500

    Overcast light 6800-7000

    High speed electronic flash tube 7000

    Simple color temperature meter

    Candle and light 1900K following sunrise and sunset 2000K

    Household filament 2900K one hour after sunrise sunshine 3500K

    Photographic lamp 3200K morning and afternoon sunshine 4300K

    Photography with quartz lamp 3200K usual day 5000 ~ 6000K

    220 V daylight lamp 3500 ~ 4000K midday sun 5400K

    An ordinary fluorescent lamp 4500 ~ 6000K cloudy over 6000K

    HMI light 5600K sunny days under the shadow of 6000 ~ 7000K

    Mercury lamp 5800K snow 7000 ~ 8500K

    A television screen and 5500 ~ 8000K sky cloudless skies above 10000K

    General supermarket lighting illuminance is 700 ~ 900Lux, and the department stores is 800 to 1500Lux, but also according to the different commodity and special Chen

    Column requirements change. Color temperature color: light colors and bold in a temperature radiation light hue at the same time,blackbody

    The temperature is called the source color temperature.

    In part because of the light emitted by the light source is known as white light, the light source color temperature or correlated color temperature is used to refer to the color relative to white.

    Degree, to quantify the performance of the light color of the light source. According to the Max Planck theory, a complete absorptionand radiation ability standard blackbody heating, temperature

    Gradually increased brightness change; CIE color coordinates of the blackbody curve display black orange red dates by red dates jujubejujube jujube yellow white and yellow white blue and white process.

    Blackbody is heated to appear with equal or close to the light source color temperature, defined as the source of the correlated color temperature, called the color temperature, to absolute temperature K

    ( Kelvin, or kelvins ) unit ( K = C + 273.15 ). Therefore, the blackbody is heated to red when temperature of about 527 DEG C or 800K

    Influence of temperature change, other color.

    The blue color, color Wen Yu high; partial red color Wen Yu low. Day light also change over time; 40 min after sunrise color than the yellow

    3000K, color temperature; afternoon sun white, up to 4800-5800K; cloudy noon is about 6500K; sunset light reddish, color temperature drop again

    To 2200K.

    Because the correlated color temperature is in fact to blackbody radiation close to the colour of light source, the light source colorperformance evaluation value, not a precise color

    Chromatic contrast, so with the same color temperature value of two light sources, may be in color appearance is still some differences. Only by color to understand the source object to the show

    Color, or in the light of the special body color reproduction how.

    The color temperature of the light source, light color is different also, color temperature below 3300K has sedate atmosphere, warm feeling; color temperature in 3000-5000K for

    A color temperature, a refreshing feeling; color temperature above 5000K has the cold feeling, different sources of different colorcomponents the best environment, such as a table:

    Color temperature and height of high color temperature light source, such as brightness is not high for people who have a cold atmosphere; low color temperature light source, light

    Through the high will give people a sultry feeling. Color contrast

    In the same space using two light color very light source, the comparison will appear level effect, color contrast is large, in obtainingluminance levels

    At the same time, but also can obtain light level. Usually, most of the stores are in the hope to provide a relatively" warm"environment

    , relatively warm environment, therefore, the general store temperature should be controlled within 3000 ~ 5000 or so.

    The general living room lighting needs diversification, both basic lighting, but also focus on the lighting and more interesting lighting,the lighting effect

    Fruit can create an atmosphere; the restaurant lighting should draw attention to the table, usually with good color warm line lamp is appropriate,

    The realism of food color, cause loss of appetite; bedroom lamps light source color should adopt a neutral and a relaxed tone,combined with practical lighting

    Needed: such as dresser and closet a bright light, as well as the bed around reading lighting. Kitchen, toilet to be functional, lamp light

    Source of color.

    Then, with the color temperature regulating indoor atmosphere. Low color temperature light will give a cordial, warm feeling, and high color temperature white gave an

    Fresh, lively feeling, a romantic moment for low color temperature of the light source, to create a warm and romantic feeling.Professional information, people

    The eye can see light, consisting of seven light spectral composition, color temperature is designed to measure the color of lightcomponent. Most of the new main lobby is optional

    White energy-saving lamp, only need to change low color temperature light source, which uses red spectral line components morewarm light (about 3000K,

    Low color temperature ), can be in the indoor form hazy, relaxed, warm atmosphere. In the bedroom put on warm auxiliary lamp, willbecome soft, warm.

    In addition, also need to consider the color temperature and the environment of basic tone between the fusion problem. Warm colors( red, orange, yellow ) consisting mainly of space, suitable for the use of 3000K about low color temperature light source, can make the space inside the warm tone strengthening; cold colors ( green, blue, purple ) consisting mainly of empty room, suitable for the use of 5000K above the high color temperature light source, the local low color temperature shot wall lamp to realize dim romantic feeling.

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